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Storm's Heart (Elder Races Series #2)

Storm's Heart - Thea Harrison Oh, Thea Harrison, I thought dragon sex was hot. Now I have a very sexy Thunderbird on my mind. *fans self*I loved Tricks Periwinkle in Dragon’s Heart. Tricks was tiny, spunky, tough on the outside, and a real girly-girl on the inside. I loved her even more in this book. Tricks, now known as Niniane Lorelle, (and never Ninny!) is the sole heir to the Dark Fae throne. Claiming her position places her in danger and there are multiple attempts on her life.Enter Tiago, the Thunderbird shifter assigned to protect Niniane. The sexual tension meter also enters the Red Hot Zone. In the last book, these two characters had very little interaction. In this book, wow! Tiago is perfectly suited to protect Niniane. He’s an imposing character, a predator, and a warrior. Tiago is totally devoted to Niniane. I did find him a little too alpha, a little too caveman at times, but I still loved his character. I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction between these two characters. Tiago is fascinated by Niniane and loves everything about her. Their dialogue is incredibly hot. There is even a moment when Tiago loses it and goes all caveman on Niniane when she wears a most revealing dress at a dance club. The focus of this book was on the politics and intrigue of the Dark Fae Court. The fae are not known for playing fair and Niniane has to navigate through some diplomatic minefields. Niniane has had some training, having worked as Cuelebre Enterprises public relations spokesperson. Niniane adopts a “What would Dragos do?” mentality and focuses on choosing her allies and mentors wisely.What makes this series awesome is the fascinating worlds and mythology that the author builds. I loved the descriptions of Adryal in the Fae world. I loved the secondary characters, especially Carling and Aryal. Carling was intriguing – a very old and powerful vampire. Through Carling, we learn more about Tiago’s history. Aryal the Harpy made me laugh. I’m looking forward to reading more from Thea Harrison. Serpent’s Kiss can’t come soon enough.