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One Grave at a Time (Night Huntress Series #6)

One Grave at a Time - Jeaniene Frost I didn't like it. I didn't hate it. I did expect more. Part of the allure of this series is the great cast of characters: Cat and Bones and their amazing secondary characters - Ian, Spade, Mencheres, Marie, and Justine. This book fell flat for me. Once again, I found myself with the dreaded book ADHD. I constantly put down the book and did other stuff. I never did that with the earlier books.Here's the thing - Cat and Bones have lost their sizzle. Yes, Bones is still hot and he has rippling muscles, yada yada. Bones is oh, so sexy. But the heat of the first 4 books is lost and nowhere to be found. Yes, there was a sexy chapter, but nothing like the infamous chapter 32 of book 2.The secondary characters have always added a lot to this series. Sadly, Vlad and Mencheres were missing in action. Marie, the ghoul queen, was mentioned many times but did not even merit a cameo appearance. Cat's mom Justine, the woman we all loved to hate seemed to have been neutered. And to make her a vegetarian vampire? What's up with that? Of all the people who have been made into vampires, I imagined Justine as a bloodthirsty, scary vampire. Instead, she was trying to get sustenance from meat packages at grocery stores. Ick! Spade was boring. Denise was a welcome surprise, too bad her role could not have been expanded.I think that Ian and Tyler saved the book with their well-timed lines.I did find the book a little repetitive at first. There seemed to be a lot of recapping of events. I also found that the secondary story line revolving around Madigan and Don did not seem to fit, or maybe I just didn't care about it.Big Bad or Heinrich Kramer was repulsive. I found that he just annoyed me and got on my nerves towards the end. Not sure if I can recommend this book to anyone. If you are a die-hard fan, I'm sure you'll enjoy this book. Otherwise, it's best to stop at book 4. Some great quotes I loved:"You're shagging a woman who can turn into a dragon? Blast you, Charles, I am sick with envy!""Family. Aren't they a motherfucker sometimes?"Check out my review and more at Badass Book Reviews