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Stolen Heat

Stolen Heat - Elisabeth Naughton Stolen Heat is the second book in the Stolen Trilogy by Elisabeth Naughton. Stolen Heat is the story of Katherine (Kat) Meyers, an Egyptologist. Kat is the love interest of antiquities dealer Peter Kauffman. Peter was introduced in Stolen Fury as Rafe Sullivan’s best friend and gallery owner. In Stolen Fury, Pete’s previous relationship and subsequent heartbreak was alluded to. In this book, we get the full story.Six years earlier, Pete meets Kat at an archaeological dig tour in Egypt. He pursues Kat and they have a torrid affair. Unknown to Kat, Pete is dealing in antiquities with questionable provenance. Meanwhile Kat has unearthed a plot to steal archaeological treasures from her site. She reports the theft and her life changes drastically and Kat, with the assistance of CIA operative Martin Slade, fake her death in a fiery car crash. Some people may not like the way the story unfolds. Told in the present, and then flashing back six years, the author slowly explains the nature of Kat and Pete’s relationship. Each flashback unearths another layer in their relationship, almost like an relationship archaeological dig. It is obvious that Pete never got a chance to mourn his loss of Kat and the fact that she suddenly appears back in his life causes him anger and great distress. Not to mention that as they get reacquainted the people chasing Kat have drugged him, shot at Kat, and are trying to kill them both.I loved the sexual tension between Kat and Peter. It really felt perfect for a couple who had been separated for six years and a faked death. Again, the secondary characters in this book were fun, especially barracuda lady Maria. The villains in this book were especially heinous and cruel. I found the book was thrilling and I basically read it in one sitting. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book in the series Stolen Seduction.Check out my review on Badass Book Reviews.