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Kill Me Twice (The Bullet Catchers, Book 1)

Kill Me Twice (The Bullet Catchers, Book 1) - Roxanne St. Claire 3.5 stars...Kill Me Twice is the first book in Roxanne St. Claire’s Bullet Catcher series. This book introduces Lucy Sharpe’s security firm Bullet Catchers. This elite group of men and women protect hand-picked clients, mostly royalty, heads of state, and the very rich. Kill Me Twice focuses on Bullet Catcher Alex Romero. Come on, even his name sounds sexy. Alex is tall, dark, handsome, sculpted, drop-dead gorgeous, and a bit of a ladies’ man. Alex disgraced the Bullet Catchers on his last assignment with an unplanned dalliance. This next assignment is his last chance to redeem himself. His job – protect news anchorwoman Jessica Adams from a stalker.Jessica has a twin sister, Jasmine. Jasmine, or Jazz as she is called throughout the book is a private investigator based in San Francisco. Jazz agreed to fly out to Miami and impersonate her sister while Jessica researches a story. As Jazz enters Jessica’s apartment, she is accosted by Alex who is waiting to tell her all about her security deficiencies. And so begins the sexual tension between Alex and Jazz…The Heat Factor : The story is set in Miami. It’s hot and steamy there – and I’m not only talking about the weather. The hero is originally from Cuba and sounds so sexy when he speaks Spanish. Which he does often, especially when Jazz turns him on…”If I kissed you querida, nothing would be dry.”Her lips parted as she sucked in a tiny breath, moving infinitesimally closer to him. “Is that a promise or a threat?”Nice chemistry between these two characters.The Story: This was an enjoyable read for me. It was a nice escape for a summer afternoon read by the pool. There were some great twists and turns here and there, but it was a little predictable. I loved the actions scenes near the end. If I ever needed a body guard, I ‘d want the Bullet Catchers team on my side.The Characters: Alex was really easy to like. Most of the time alpha males are in conflict with the women in their lives, but in this book, Jazz just seemed to put Alex a little bit off balance. There was more to Alex than hired muscle. Alex was dedicated to his family in Cuba and sent them quite a lot of money. I adored Jazz. She did have her impulsive moments, but for the most part she used her intelligence and her mad computer skills to help find her sister.If you enjoy romantic suspense, hunky alpha males and intelligent heroines then this may be the series for you. There are 8 books and 2 short stories in this series.Check out my review at Badass Book Reviews