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Monsters of Men (Chaos Walking Series #3)

Monsters of Men (Chaos Walking Series #3) - If you’ve managed to stick with this series this far, you know that you’ll be in for an intense reading adventure. Monsters of Men is the best book of the series. So much happens in this book and it is the power hungry adults that seem to screw up this world. There is war. There is death. The violence is off the charts. Yet, there is an underlying message of hope and peace. The entire book is a commentary on the futility of war. ”Superior numbers…versus superior fighter power. A recipe for unending slaughter.”The chapters in the Spackles’ point of view were the most enlightening. The reader finally begins to understand these creatures as sentient beings, capable of complex thought, and extremely well organized. The Spackle, or the Land, as they call themselves are so integrated with their planet. Their language was in telepathic images and their thoughts were shared collectively. The Spackle leader was called the Sky. They called the humans the Clearing, perhaps as a commentary on what the settlers had done to the land. This is a great series geared towards young adult readers and up. While some of the situations may upset some of the animal loving readers, I encourage them to read on. There are some great messages of hope and peace as well.