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Dragon Bound (Elder Races Series #1)

Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison 4 -4.5 stars...Wow! Dragons are so hot! What a nice break from reality.Dragon Bound starts off with a theft from the dragon’s hoard. A brazen act accompanied by a small note of apology scrawled on the back of a receipt. Our dragon, the illustrious Dragos Cuelebre is angry but intrigued. Who is this thief? Suddenly, his existence is no longer boring. He must find the thief.I’m beginning to understand why people love books about dragons. I loved the characterization of the dragon and his entourage. Not so hard to believe that he would be a successful businessman amassing wealth. Dragos is your typical Alpha male. His roar can cause serious property damage. Dragos has some interesting powers. I loved how he found Pia through an erotically charged dream. Every description, every movement Dragos makes exudes sensuality. Pia, our heroine, kept me guessing as to what she was. Her getting through locks was a very useful skill. I liked the fact that she wasn’t a damsel in distress. Pia had some great fight moves, too. I liked the fact that she took advantage of her situation, spreading Drago’s wealth to the local food banks. Pia says exactly what’s on her mind, often forgetting that all important brain filter. She is also introspective, and internalizes problems rather than communicating. Dragos is fascinated by Pia. He is no longer bored by his existence. The sexual tension between these two ranked very high on the steamy meter. The love scenes were well done. I think I may have needed a fan… There was some hilarious dialogue between Pia and Dragos. One memorable line:“So is that your long, scaly reptilian tail or are you just happy to see me?”Tricks, the Cuelebre Enterprises spokesperson and heir to the Dark Fae court made an excellent friend for Pia. One of my favorite scenes involved Pia and Tricks having a drunken dinner and Pia taking notes on napkins. Tricks is hilarious, especially when she asserts herself. I’m looking forward to reading more about Tricks in the next book, Storm’s Heart.