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Desires of the Dead (Body Finder Series #2)

Desires of the Dead (Body Finder Series #2) - 2.5 - 3 stars Desires of the Dead is the second book in Kimberly Derting’s Body Finder series. The premise of this series is quite original. The main character Violet has a special ability: She can hear, smell, or see echoes of the dead. The dead – both human and animals – call to her. A matching echo can be found on the murderer. Oftentimes Violet will find dead animals, but there have been occasions where she finds human remains.This book takes place three months after the events of the first book. I will preface this review to say that I really enjoyed the first book and while it had a few niggling problems, I gave that book 5 stars or an A rating. This book did not strike me in the same way. Those few niggling things that bothered me in the first book drove me nuts in this one. First the good – the story is well written and it has a nice element of suspense. I liked how the author interspersed regular chapters with chapters from the mind of a troubled young girl. It was a little too easy to guess who it was and not as creepy as the first book. Despite my rant below, I did like most of the characters, especially Jay, the most “awesomest” boyfriend ever. Jay is loyal, protective, loving, and romantic. A 16 year old boy who creates romantic picnics lit by glow sticks? Jay is just too good to be true. Jay and Violet have been best friends for a long time. Jay understands Violet’s talent and how it affects her. So we have a girl who can find dead people. Not a particularly safe past time for a young teenage girl. So herein lays my problem with this book. The main character does way too many things with no regard for her personal safety. Violet drives to Seattle in the middle of the night to check out a container at a pier because she felt the call of a body. Port? Pier? Container? Not the safest place to be on your own at the best of times.Other stuff happens to Violet and again her disregard for her personal safety bothered me. Someone leaves a dead cat next to her car. A threatening note is left on her windshield. Crank phone calls. Does she report any of this? No. Here’s the kicker – her uncle is the police chief, but she doesn’t want to tell him because she is afraid that her parents would worry. Violet’s lack of communication was another issue for me. Rather than talking over her problems with her someone, or anyone, she just shut down. This led to many misunderstandings. She is also jealous when her boyfriend makes friends with Mike, the new student. I was struck by the lack of parental presence in this book. Violet does not go to them for help, nor do they act like parents. They don’t seem too concerned she was out late; they only worry about her feelings. This is a girl who just 3 months earlier had her life threatened. Why would they not be concerned about her safety and well being? All criticism aside, I really did enjoy this book and I will be reading the next book when it comes out. Check out my review at Badass Book Reviews