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Fire Me Up (Aisling Grey, Guardian Series #2)

Fire Me Up - Katie MacAlister 3.5 stars for silly, funny, reading. Sometimes you just need a book that will lighten up your day. Katie MacAlister’s Aisling Grey series always makes me laugh. The characters are hilarious. The situations they find themselves in are also quite funny. Be prepared for silliness. Aisling Grey has taken on yet another courier job for her uncle. It looks like a relatively easy job – deliver an amulet to a hermit in Budapest. She decides to combine the job with a conference and is actively seeking a mentor. Budapest is a busy place and surprise, the dragons are also holding a peace conference in the same hotel. Attending this conference is Drake Vireo, Aisling’s wyvern mate. Something strange is going on and men (and incubi) are throwing themselves at Aisling.Part of what makes this such a fun read is the characters. They are wacky, zany, and just hilarious. My favorite has got to be Effrijim, Aisling’s demon in the body of a black Labrador dog. Jim can talk, and he has some great lines, but mostly he pees a lot. Rene the cab driver is also back in this installment, acting as a straight man to some of the silliness that arises. My favorite character was Tiffany the professional virgin, who was so self absorbed in her purity and virginity that it added some more humor. When she is told that she was an ice princess, she takes it as a compliment: “He thinks I am like a princess. One made of ice. I like ice. It is pretty and shines nicely.”Of course you can’t have a dragon story without the dragon. The dragons have some serious issues to resolve. There is much jostling for position and for Aisling’s affections. It seems that wyvern mates are a rare commodity. Dragon politics seem to complicate everything for Aisling. Aisling is required to act as a wyvern’s mate, even though all she wants to do is attend the conference and learn how to be a better Guardian. I found myself missing Drake when he was not in a scene. Drake is so very hot – no pun intended. The scenes with Aisling and Drake smoldered. Can’t wait to read the next book in the series – Light My Fire. Books in the series:1) You Slay Me2) Fire Me Up3) Light My Fire4) Holy SmokesCheck out my review on Badass Book Reviews