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Hunted by the Others

Hunted By The Others - Jess Haines 3.5 stars Hunted by the Others is a solid start to Jess Haines’ H&W Investigations series.Shiarra (Shia) Waynest is a private investigator. She has avoided taking on cases for the Others, mainly because they terrify her. However, bills must be paid and Shia is hired by The Circle to find a small object thought to be in the hands of the local vampire master Alec Royce.The author’s incorporation of the supernatural world with the human world was well done. In this book, The Others – vampires, werewolves, and magi – came out into the open on 9/11, using their enhanced senses to find survivors and their cash reserves to jumpstart the economy. Their patriotism allowed them to gain a sort of acceptance into human society. I chuckled when the vampires and werewolves were included under the Americans with Disabilities Act for daylight impairment and monthly furriness. I found it funny that most of the Others’ interactions with humans required some sort of legal document. For example, if a human wanted to consort with a vampire or werewolf, they were required to sign a contract to avoid wrongful death suits. Clever.I had a little trouble relating to Shia’s character at first. I found her a little impulsive and seriously lacking self-preservation skills. People needed to constantly point out that she wasn’t safe at home, at work, at friends’ homes, or at her family’s home. She is also a little wishy-washy relationship-wise, telling off her ex-boyfriend in one breath, and then having second thoughts about the breakup a little later.Shia is in her glory the moment Arnold gets her properly outfitted to meet the vampire. She puts on the Hunter’s belt and suddenly I like this Shia much better. The Hunter’s belt is a cool item – it includes a sentient being that speaks to Shia. I hope we get to see more of it in the next books.I loved the secondary characters. Arnold was a great addition as a geeky magi. He had the right mix of arrogance, sarcasm, and drama queen while being exceptionally knowledgeable in both magic and computers. Chaz played the extremely handsome ex-boyfriend well. As an added bonus, his status as an Alpha was very useful to Shia. I was intrigued by Royce and I hope to see him in the next books. I’m looking forward to reading Taken by the Others (book 2) and Deceived by the Others (book 3). Guest post on Paranormal Wastelands