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Dexter Is Delicious (Dexter Series #5)

Dexter Is Delicious - Jeff Lindsay I must confess that I have not read this series in order. Most of my knowledge of Dexter comes from the TV series which I enjoy watching. When I found this book at my local library, I did a little happy dance. They finally got the NEW Dexter book. Woo-hoo!I settled down to read it and was immediately struck by the change in Dexter. Part of the appeal of the previous books (or Dexter 1.0) was that the reader is immersed in the thoughts of a serial killer. The Dark Passenger compels Dexter to kill according to Harry’s code. In this book the reader is treated to Dexter 2.0. Dexter now has a newborn daughter Lily-Anne. He becomes a neurotic father, worrying about everything. Fatherhood brings out the humanity in Dexter, or as human as Dexter can be. Maybe it’s because Dexter knows what monsters lurk out there. Dexter wants to be different. Dexter’s Dark Passenger is not amused. He’s having a snitfest and is not responding to Dexter. I think I like this Dexter, for now…Oh, the plot…Aside from being a new daddy, Dexter is busy with an investigation into two missing girls. I thought I had picked up a book to get away from all the paranormal creatures on my to-read list. No such luck. This case had vampires and cannibals, even references to the ubiquitous Twilight. I enjoyed the story, but I worry about Dexter staying this way. There are just too many bad guys in Miami for this to last.