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Those Across the River

Those Across the River - Christopher Buehlman Wow. The second half of this book was incredible.Those Across the River is the kind of book that seems to sneak up on you. At first, you are reading about a small depression era town in the south. Everything has a slow motion kind of feel about it, on account of the oppressive heat. At times, the narrative gets bogged down with a lot of the small town stuff. While it does slow the story down, it captures the essence of a small town, the poverty, the racism, and the lack of anything to do. Then, little hints are dropped here and there. The town of Whitwell has a secret. The town has strange, almost pagan customs. No one ventures out to the woods across the river…People start dying strange and horrible deaths. The townspeople organize and arrange a posse to hunt down whatever lurks across the river. The slow leisurely pace of the book is quickly replaced by a frenetic, frantic, and desperate attempt on the part of the residents of Whitwell to save their town. The book becomes a horror novel and I was hooked. Those Across the River is full of surprises. I will be looking forward to reading more books by this author. *ARC provided free of charge from Netgalley