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Death Masks (Dresden Files Series #5)

Death Masks - Jim Butcher The reason why I enjoy Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series is that each book is jammed packed full of "stuff." What do I mean by "stuff?" It's all the creatures, magic, mythology, and action all thrown in one book. So much happens in this book and I can always count on Harry's unique way of deal with adversity (and adversaries). I think these books work because they capture the gritty world of city life and juxtapose it with the paranormal. Chicago makes such a great backdrop to this world.In Death Masks Harry is asked to recover a valuable artifact stolen from the church. The object in question? The Shroud of Turin, no less. It seems that it has some magical properties. In addition, the Red Court vampires have memories like elephants and they want Harry dead. One of their own, Paolo Ortega challenges Harry to a duel to the death. The dialogue in this book is witty. There are some great lines and jokes. I loved the addition of The Archive (or Ivy as Harry calls her). Some of my favorite characters were back - yeah, Michael. Go, Murphy! Susan - enough said, you'll need to read the book to find out.So you have art thieves, demons, vampires, outrageous TV hosts, the Knights, Bob the Skull, Johnny Marcone and his thugs, and the beat up Blue Beetle. Who could ask for anything more?