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The Lost (Sin Hunters)

The Lost - Caridad Piñeiro The Lost is a solid start to Caridad Pineiro’s Sin Hunters series. The book focuses on a race of beings with special powers. These beings can shapeshift, teleport, move very fast, and absorb energy. The Hunters are divided into two factions: The Light Hunters and the Shadow Hunters. Many years ago, the Shadow Hunters were exposed to the smallpox virus. They require energy transfers to ward off the disease. Adam Bruno has always had special talents. At 26 years of age, he is the owner of a successful business SolTerra. He seems to have an affinity for electronics, especially computers. Adam is also beginning to exhibit some other abilities. It’s these abilities that attract the attention of some people and an attempt is made to kidnap Adam in SolTerra’s parking lot. The kidnapping attempt is thwarted by Bobbie Carrera, sister to one of Adam’s interns. Bobbie is a war vet and has returned home because of her injuries. She suffers from PTSD and is horribly scarred from an IED attack. There seems to be an instant attraction between Adam and Bobbie. Adam sees Bobbie’s aura and is fascinated by her. Bobbie is attracted to Adam’s good looks. I love how their relationship developed throughout the book. They work together to find out who wanted to kidnap Adam and the romance builds slowly. I enjoyed the love scenes – how their auras mix together was beautiful.The Hunter lore was fascinating. Their absorption of energy kind of reminded me of a type of psychic vampire. They did not feed on the blood of their victims, but on their energy. I liked how the author tied in the Hunter race to the ancient civilizations. The chase and fight sequences were well done. I was on the edge of my seat during some of these scenes. Bobbie is a fierce fighter and her military training was extremely useful.I would have liked to have learned more about the Shadow Hunters, especially Christopher. I understand that the next book The Claimed will have his story. I’m looking forward to reading that one. *ARC provided free of charge from Netgalley