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Venom (Elemental Assassin Books)

Venom - Jennifer Estep Venom is the third book in Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassins series. I enjoy these books for the most part, especially the author’s imaginative world building. I love how the author has created a world filled with humans, giants, dwarfs, vampires, and practitioners of elemental magic. This world is set in the city of Ashland, a corrupt city where most of the city officials and the police force are under the control of Mab Monroe and her cronies.In this installment, Gin is enjoying her retired life. She is running Fletcher’s restaurant The Pork Pitt. Gin is a little bit bored and when Roslyn comes to her with a problem, Gin can’t refuse. Roslyn is being stalked by the giant Eliot Slater. Eliot has a way of playing with his girlfriends until they “disappear.” Gin feels guilty because Roslyn only came into Eliot’s attention because of Gin’s disguise in the previous book. Gin decides to come out of her retirement to help Roslyn. Gin takes quite a lot of beatings in this book, but the capable Jo Jo is always there to heal her. The characters in this book are great. I love how Gin has gathered a whole group of friends that work with her and support her. The dwarfs – Sophia and JoJo are like Gin’s extended family. Sophia works at the restaurant along with her secondary job – disposal and crime scene cleanup. JoJo is like a second mother, always healing Gin with her air elemental powers. Finn provides excellent back up during jobs. Gin’s love life is definitely looking up. I just wish she would quit mooning over Donovan and see what she has in front of her. Owen is more than ready to accept Gin for herself. He does not judge her, nor is he condescending. Owen is the perfect match, and good looking too!We also learn more about Bria, Gin’s long lost sister. Gin manages to get to know her sister, but I would have liked to have seen more.Just a few things kept me from giving this book a higher rating. The book suffers from a little too much repetition. A lot of grey eyes talking to hazel eyes. The author also recaps a few too many times. A little tighter editing would make this a 5 star read.Off to find the next book Tangled Threads.