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The Deadliest Bite (Jaz Parks Series #8)

The Deadliest Bite (Jaz Parks) - Jennifer Rardin The Deadliest Bite is the eighth and final book in the Jaz Parks series. I’ve come to love Jaz and Vayl and the eccentric and oftentimes hilarious cast of characters. I would recommend that anyone new to this series start with the first book Once Bitten, Twice Shy.This book marks a maturation of Jaz’s character. She seems more confident, more at ease. Jaz and Vayl have a nice playfulness about them, especially at the start of the book. It’s nice to see them so relaxed and so comfortable with each other’s company. Jaz’s inner voices seem more under control. Jaz’s many internal personalities help her work out her problems and help keep her sane. The only problem – she must get Brude out of her head by carving his name on the gates of Hell.The imagination and creativity that went into this book and the entire series is wonderful. The author’s depiction of hell was amazing, assaulting all the senses through the colors, the smells, the fear, and the sounds of despair. The descriptions of the monsters and creatures of hell were well done. The out of body experience with Jaz’s spirit guide Raoul was simply out of this world. I loved how everyone associated with Jaz was connected to her with a golden cord. Beautiful. One of my favorite things about these books are Bergman’s gadgets and inventions. Of these, Astral the robo-kitty is probably the funniest addition due to its constant malfunctions. Astral is capable of launching a grenade from its butt, turning into a pool of goo, and choosing some pretty appropriate songs to provide an interesting soundtrack to the book. This book seemed tighter and more polished than the earlier books in the series. There are some great lines and I was giggling throughout the book. There were also some great action sequences as well. My only criticism is that there was a little part where the action lagged and I felt that there were a few too many story lines. I liked how all the loose ends were tied up.I am sad that this series had to end and I will miss the imagination of Jennifer Rardin. *ARC provided free of charge from Netgalley