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Breaking Point (I-Team Series #5)

Breaking Point - Pamela Clare Breaking Point4.5 starsWow! That was exhilarating! What a ride! Breaking Point had me on the edge of my seat. I could not put the book down. In fact, at times I was totally distracted by the cover. That’s Zach McBride. Need I say any more?Zach *looks at the cover once again* - A girl can dream, right?Natalie Benoit is one lucky girl. *sigh*They are perfect for each other. Great chemistry.Breaking Point is Natalie and Zach’s story. Natalie moved to Denver in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Zach served in Afghanistan and is now a Deputy US Marshall. Both have undergone trauma and heartbreak. They meet under rather intense circumstances as the prisoners of a Mexican drug lord. Their situation is dire and escape looks almost impossible. Due to Natalie’s perseverance, they manage to escape. Their escape from the Zeta cartel highlighted just how dangerous that part of the world really is. I loved the details of the escape from Mexico, especially Zach’s desert shopping list. I was impressed with the use of the Navajo language as a code for where our couple would cross into the US. Fascinating!I think what makes these books so entertaining is the characters. Who doesn’t want a strong, handsome, well-built, and fearless man protecting them? I love how all the characters rally around each other, protecting their own. The camaraderie between the men is great, and I loved their nicknames and inside jokes. A few minor things did bother me. I loved the intensity of Zach’s and Natalie’s relationship, however, I am not sure that a few sex breaks while on the run from a deadly drug lord would make sense to me. I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy those scenes, but they did seem a little rushed. The epilogue surprised me. I really did not expect that.Favorite quotes: “That man has a supernatural relationship with gravity.” “What do you know about the lemon stuff? You weren’t in desert combat. You were a park ranger. I’m not dissing that. It’s an important job. Someone has to keep the chipmunks in line. I’ve watched Chip and Dale. I know how sneaky those little bastards are.”If you haven’t read the I-Team series yet, what are you waiting for? This book can be read as a standalone book, but for maximum reading pleasure, the first book is called Extreme Exposure. Enjoy!