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In The Blood

In the Blood - Adrian Phoenix 3.5 stars“Unbound. Untrained. Destined for Madness.”I enjoyed In the Blood a lot more than the first book in the series. This book felt more cohesive and the flashbacks seemed to fit the story well. In the Blood is the second book in The Maker’s Song series. It follows Dante’s story as he comes into his powers as a creawdwr (creator). Basically, a lot of people want to capture Dante and use and reshape him to their needs. In this book, we learn more about the previous creawdwr’s background through a side trip to Gehanna. I found it interesting to note that the author used Yahweh as the creator. (In Hebrew Yahweh is one of the spellings of God’s name). Lucien, or Samael as he is called in Gehanna, is taken prisoner and tortured by Gabriel who wants the power of the creawdwr. Through Lucien’s and Lilith’s flashbacks, we get a taste of that world and learn why no creator lives there now.Of course, I was reading the book for more of Dante. How I loved it when he spoke his Cajun French. So sexy. Dante was on a concert tour that took him close to Heather. Dante is suffering from major headaches and is his control is slowly deteriorating. Heather and Von are able to keep him from spiraling out of control. The descriptions of Dante’s music and power were beautiful, using the language of music to describe his making and unmaking of things. A lot of things happen in this book and the action was incredible. The man behind the Bad Seed project Dr. Wells is also highlighted in this book. In addition to the Bad Seed project, Dr. Wells genetically engineered his children resulting in a set of twins with unusual abilities. His daughter Athena was on the verge of insanity, believing that she was Hades and that she needed Dante for a trinity of power.I did have a few issues with this book. There were a lot of story lines to follow in this book, and it may be confusing for the reader. Heather also acts less and less like an FBI agent, doing a lot of research on her own. I’m not sure that would be realistic in a real government agency. The ending was a little unbelievable, but it is a paranormal novel...Dante Baptiste's character makes me want to read the next book. I am also curious about the Cercle de Druids and learning more about Caterina Cortini's family. I’m looking forward to reading Beneath the Skin.