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A Rush of Wings

A Rush of Wings - Adrian Phoenix A Rush of Wings had the potential to be a totally awesome paranormal novel: It was set in New Orleans, which in my opinion is the perfect place for things that go bump in the night. The main character Dante is the lead singer for a goth/punk rock band called Inferno, so there is a cool factor there. It also has some interesting lore with vampires, Fallen angels, and other nightkind. There is even something for the conspiracy theorists to love, with shady government organizations that create and experiment upon psychotic killers.Does it work? Yes and no. I did enjoy the book, though it took me a few tries to get into it. I liked the concept of the nightkind, and how the vampires communicated. I liked that Dante was a comparatively young vampire, only in his early twenties, unlike other vampire stories where the vampires are very old and set in their ways. Dante’s youth allowed him to have some vampire attitude. Dante’s powers were not fully developed, so he discovered his abilities as he went along. The heroine of the story is an interesting character. Heather is not your typical FBI agent. In fact, she doesn’t really seem to act as an agent at all. She seemed to follow her heart and her instincts more. I did enjoy how Dante’s powers were described like he was creating beautiful music. A few things did not work for me. There were constant flashbacks and point of view shifts that were a little confusing for me. My husband laughed at the cover of the book after I complained that Heather never did dress like that. I also found that the book ended a little abruptly for me. All in all, I enjoyed this book. It’s a good start to the Maker’s song series. I plan to read the next book.