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River Marked (Mercy Thompson)

River Marked - Patricia Briggs I was very excited getting my hands on this book. I love all of the Mercy books; I love the world and all of the characters. This book was a little flat for me when compared to the other books in the series.Don't get me wrong. Mercy and Adam are wonderful together. I love how Mercy can tame the wild side of Adam's wolf. I love their connection. I just didn't feel the story, even though when I think of it, the story is fine. I was so happy for Mercy and Adam. Finally married in a beautiful ceremony engineered by Jesse and Mercy's mom, the happy couple leaves for their honeymoon. I found that their honeymoon location was a strange choice - camping at a Columbia River campsite, but it was a good set up for the story. The other wonderful characters of Mercy's world were missing for me. Yes, there were cameo appearances by Stefan, Warren, Kyle, and Jesse, just not enough of them and the rest of the pack. I did like the Native American lore and I enjoyed learning more about Mercy's background. The walking stick makes an interesting and most useful appearance. I am still looking forward to more Mercy books. I just wish we didn’t have to wait so long!