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Kitty and the Silver Bullet (Kitty Norville Series #4)

Kitty and the Silver Bullet (Kitty Norville Series #4) - 3.5 starsWhen I choose a book to read, I have several series that are my “go-to” books. They aren’t fantastic literature but when I am in the mood for entertainment, I really don’t care. The Kitty books are perfect for this. It’s a series that I can just sit back and enjoy. In Kitty and the Silver Bullet, Kitty and Ben return to Denver for a few reasons, but mostly because Kitty’s mom has been diagnosed with cancer and must undergo treatment. Kitty is still “officially” banned from Denver by Carl and the Denver pack, so she and Ben must “sneak” in. Kitty endures several events in this book that further develop her character. She continues to realize the implications of being a werewolf. She can’t have children, not that she even thought of being a mother, but because the decision had been taken away from her because of her lycanthropy. Kitty worries about the security of her family and the health of her mother. She even offers to “infect” her mother to “cure” her from the cancer. Kitty’s freedom of movement is affected by Carl and Meg. I did find it odd that while Kitty did sneak into Denver, she went about her business in the open, going as far as to air her radio program in Denver and Carl did not react. Carl and Meg’s abusive hold on the Denver pack is a sore point for Kitty and Kitty decides to make a stand. Kitty even agrees to work with the local police detective. The vampire politics and deceptions in this book were incredible. The posturing for position and authority created some interesting, if not bloody, situations. Kitty’s radio show was still the highlight for me. I loved her interview with Mercedes Cook, who chose to “come out” as a vampire on the air. Throughout the book Kitty questions her relationship with Ben. Their relationship is strained at times and Kitty wonders if they would be together. This book marks a turning point in this relationship. All in all, another solid book in the series. I’ll keep reading these books. They are a fun read.