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You Slay Me (Aisling Grey, Guardian Series #1)

You Slay Me - Katie MacAlister You Slay Me had me giggling right from the first page. The book had some hilarious situations that could only happen to a young, English speaking American in Paris. Our heroine Aisling Grey arrives in Paris and learns some extremely useful expressions from her cabbie Rene: ”J’ai une grenouille dans mon bidet.” (I have a frog in my bidet). I chuckled at all the uses of franglais – when French words are interchanged literally with English words, effectively changing their meanings: “The elevator does not march.” and “I did not wish to derange you.” Living in my part of the world, we hear this kind of thing regularly and it always amuses me. I loved the scenes between Aisling and Drake. Their attraction was so primal and they were very sexy together. The love scenes were hot and steamy. Dragons do have interesting mating rituals. I enjoyed the banter between Aisling and Drake. At times, Aisling seemed absolutely clueless so it made their interactions much more entertaining. I loved how smug and self-assured Drake behaved around Aisling, even when she denied that she was attracted to him.My favorite character was Jim. Jim was a demon in the body of a Newfoundland dog. It was refreshing to see the world from a dog demon’s perspective. Jim added many moments of comic relief as well. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.