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Passion Unleashed (Demonica Series #3)

Passion Unleashed - Larissa Ione Finally, we get to learn more about our vampire demon and his tortured past. Turns out that Wraith’s self-destructive ways can be attributed to his mother. Yup, that explains everything. All kidding aside, I loved this book. Yes, there is the virgin thing, however this story was action packed and exciting.Wraith gets poisoned in an assassination attempt. He has about four to six weeks to live. His only recourse is to take the virginity of a charmed one – Serena – and take her amulet so that he could live. Problem is, without the amulet, Serena dies. The other complication is that if he doesn’t get the amulet, his brothers and UGH (Underworld General Hospital) die too.I loved how these tough guy demons turn into puddles of Jell-o for their women. I loved watching Wraith, a total man-whore, fall for Serena. His brothers’ wives Tayla and Rune tutoring Wraith in the art of seduction made me chuckle. Wraith is a seminous demon and seducing females has never been a problem, up to now. Other interesting side stories involved Kynan and Gem. Lore is an interesting addition to the cast of characters. I would love to learn more about this character. The story had a kind of Indiana Jones feel. The author even makes references to Raiders of the Lost Ark. I enjoyed the world that Larissa Ione built. The author takes all sorts of angel and demon lore and end of the world stories and creates a truly readable world. I can’t wait to read the next book.