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Shift (Shifters Series #5)

Shift - Rachel Vincent This book was intense!Where to start? Let’s just say a certain megalomaniac, misogynistic werecat has a vision to become the head of the Territorial Council, no matter what. He plays mean and dirty and always seems to be a step ahead of Faythe’s pride. Faythe, Faythe, Faythe. What can I say? I do like Faythe. I like her feistiness, her determination, and her developing diplomatic skills. Her timing sucks. Her ability to predict the consequences of her actions needs improvement. The dreaded love triangle makes an appearance in this book. I absolutely loved the Thunderbirds. They were an awesome addition to the story, also adding opportunities for much needed comic relief along the lines of Tweety and Sylvester jokes. They also provided the funniest line ever: “Because your people – your Pride –“ again he said it like a dirty word. “- Killed one of our most promising young cocks.”I had to chuckle there. I am so glad that Alpha was already out. I don’t think I would have wanted to wait for it.