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Hunting Ground (Alpha and Omega Series #2)

Hunting Ground (Alpha and Omega Series #2) - Werewolf politics and intrigue are the highlight of this novel. Charles and Anna are sent to Seattle on behalf of Bran to negotiate the “coming out” of the werewolf population. The wolves of North America and Europe are represented in this negotiation. Not all the wolves are happy with this situation, and a lot of Alpha wolves in one place is a recipe for trouble. The talks are to be mediated by a fae Gray Lord, Dana.There was a huge cast of characters in this book and it was interesting to learn about the wolf packs from different countries. It was a real eye opener to see just how powerful Bran was without him actually being in the story. The interactions between pack Alphas was intriguing, if not on the precipice of violence. I loved how they all seemed to walk on eggshells. I was amused at how a simple Omega wolf could cause a bunch of Alphas to want to rush and rescue her and how she could easily calm them down. This is the book where Anna shines as a character. Still skittish, Anna relies on her wolf nature in order to adjust to situations. Anna is learning how to be an Omega wolf and what it entails. The wolves are also learning the power of an Omega. I loved watching Anna transform from a “scared rabbit” to an assertive, protective wolf. I loved the stolen moments that Anna and Charles shared. Theirs is a strange and unusual relationship: their wolves chose each other as mates. I found it fascinating that Anna allowed her wolf nature to take over during their moments together. It was as if her wolf was protecting her from her past, painful memories. It was also nice to see the tender side of Charles. He was so sweet and patient with Anna. The author has a talent of creating an urban fantasy world that feels so believable. I love to be immersed in this world. I’m just sad that there will be a long wait for the next book