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Silver Borne (Mercy Thompson Series #5)

Silver Borne - Patricia Briggs Mercy and Adam have got to be the cutest fictional couple ever. Mated to Adam and under the protection of the pack, Mercy still lives in her trailer while she is dating Adam. I love the mating games played by Adam with his “partner in crime” Jesse. Jesse feeds Mercy all sorts of disinformation about a date so that Mercy must guess appropriate attire. Amusing and cute at the same time.Mercy’s position in the pack is marked by dissention amongst the pack members who have difficulty accepting a non-wolf mate for the Alpha. Someone was able to use the pack bonds to get to Mercy and mess with her head. Once again, the pack politics and intrigue kept me guessing during the whole story. Throughout the series, Mercy is portrayed as a small, meek coyote. I enjoyed seeing her stand up to the wolves that challenged her. Mercy held her own and strengthened her position within the pack. The fae are prominent in this book. Briggs’ fae are fierce and creepy. Her portrayal of the fae world was extremely well done. Mercy’s diplomatic side is revealed in her interactions with the fae. When Mercy negotiates with the fae queen she uses her inside knowledge of fae lore and customs to her benefit.I loved how the pack’s links to each other was depicted in this book. The imagery of Mercy following the links was vivid and extremely detailed. This book marks a break in Samuel’s character. Samuel is taken over by his wolf Sam after an attempted suicide. For most wolves, this would be an automatic death sentence. Sam is a remarkably calm werewolf. So calm that he allows children to climb on him. It was refreshing to see the wolf’s perspective and how much the wolf wanted to continue living. In essence, the wolf Sam kept Samuel sane while Samuel worked out his issues.I really felt for Sam throughout this book. He seemed so broken, so irreparable. I was so happy that Mercy took him under her wing to help fix him. While I enjoyed this book immensely, there were parts that didn’t flow well for me. For example, after Mercy and the wolves got the ransom call from the fae queen, the wolves continued with a pack challenge. At one point, I wondered if they had forgotten their other issues, notably Gabriel and Phin. Overall, this is another solid book in a great series. Off to read River Marked next.