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Pride (Werecats, Book 3)

Pride - Rachel Vincent I know, I know, a lot of you really don’t like Faythe. After all, she is impulsive, is known to run off at the mouth, and sometimes she does incredibly stupid things. But I like Faythe. I like how her character grows and matures with each subsequent book. Yes, she still is impulsive. Yes, she still lacks a good brain filter. However, she is beginning to understand that her actions have consequences not only to herself, but to her Pride as a whole. Pride starts off with Faythe facing the consequences of an accidental creation of a stray and his death. She is brought before the council tribunal, a kind of werecat kangaroo court. In werecat law, a defendant is always presumed guilty and must prove their innocence. The tribunal is not going well and Faythe comes to the slow realization that her life hangs in the balance and that the council wants to execute her for her actions should she not prove herself useful to them.The tribunal does not go smoothly. There are many interruptions. The local Bruin Keller barges in to tell the cats to stay off of his territory. The tribunal stops so that the werecats can investigate. They realize that a group of strays are wreaking havoc in the area and attacking humans, a big no-no in the werecat world. Keller also captures and drops off a female cat. Enter the mysterious teenage tabby, Kaci. As the tribunal continues, there are further interruptions. It becomes apparent that the tribunal was just a way for one of the Alphas to jockey for position and to possibly enlarge his Pride. The werecat politicking and maneuvering was especially devious. I did not like some of the tribunal council members at all.And Marc. Oh I felt so sad for him. I’ll leave it at that. I must say that I truly love Faythe’s father Greg. He is one of those gifted politicians and he plays the game very well. He is able to see the big picture. I am very interested to see what transpires in the next book. There was lots of action, lots of injuries, and lots of fur flying in this book. I can’t wait to read the next book.