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Bone Crossed (Mercy Thompson Series #4)

Bone Crossed  - Patricia Briggs The Mercy Thompson series is a comfort read for me. I sit down and immerse myself in the Mercy’s world and I don’t even notice that time has passed. In fact, I am always sad when I finish reading a book. Not because the ending is sad, but because I finished another book in the series. I don't want this series to end.I love so many things about this series. I love how the author mixes up werewolves, vampires, and fae and has them living together in our world semi-peacefully. I enjoy the pack hierarchy, the politics between the vampires and the wolves, and the fae magic. Bone Crossed begins a week after Iron Kissed. Mercy is damaged, and subject to panic attacks. Everyone walks on eggshells around her. Marsilia the Vampire Queen is out to kill Mercy. Mercy’s mom even comes to visit. Mercy’s Scooby Doo loving vampire pal Stefan has been “dehydrated” and dropped at her doorstep. Mercy’s friend Amber in Spokane has a problem with ghosts. Mercy decides to go to Spokane for her safety. My favorite scenes involved Amber’s son Chad. I loved the interactions between Mercy and Chad, especially when they were playing a rather competitive game of Battleship. The Mercy Thompson series has great characters. Stefan is one of my favorites and his character is further developed in this installment. Stefan is a faithful friend to Mercy and uses his vampire powers to protect her. Marsilia the Vampire Queen is conniving, devious, and deadly. I enjoyed the addition of the Oak Man. The Oak Man helped explain the purpose of the walking stick that follows Mercy around. This book had many touching moments. Adam and Mercy’s relationship progresses slowly and she becomes his mate: “From this day forward…Mine to me and mine. Pack and only lover.”There was another point where Mercy has a revelation about her relationship to Adam. She realizes that he does love her and at that point she asserts her position in the pack. I loved that moment - "Mine."I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.