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Naked Edge (I-Team Series #4)

Naked Edge - Pamela Clare Naked Edge was a pleasure to read. Book four of Pamela Clare’s I-Team series focuses on reporter Kat James and park ranger and rock climbing god Gabriel Lassiter. I found the book interesting because of the native Indian perspective. The main character Kat was deeply spiritual and followed many of the native traditions. I loved how the coyote would appear when something was about to happen and how Kat would make an offering of corn pollen to keep the bad spirits away. No Pamela Clare book is complete without the requisite hunky male. Gabriel Lassiter fits the bill very well. Park ranger, outdoorsy kind of guy, muscular, gorgeous – all describe our main character. Kat’s Indian friends called him Ranger Easy-on-the Eyes. However, Gabe is not perfect. He has been hurt and has vowed never to have an exclusive relationship with a woman. On the other hand, Kat has some strong views on relationships and marriage. She has not dated since high school and has remained a virgin. Gabe is smitten by Kat but he fears that he is bad for her.I really enjoyed the slow build up in Kat and Gabe’s relationship. I loved how Gabe made Kat feel so comfortable. This was one hot and steamy couple. I also liked that my favorite hunky men from earlier books get to make an appearance. Julian Darcangelo will always be my favorite and I loved the scenes where he was included. Marc Hunter fans will also be happy to see him too. While I love to see a happy ever after ending, it seems to me that in all of these books, happily ever after involves children right away. I would have liked to see these characters enjoying their time together for just a touch longer before settling down to having children. They deserved it. The story was well paced and kept me guessing throughout. I am looking forward to the next book featuring Natalie and Zac’s story.