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Unlawful Contact (I-Team Series #3)

Unlawful Contact - Pamela Clare Unlawful Contact is the kind of book that once you start reading, it is almost impossible to put down. It’s one of those edge of your seat books, where you look at your watch and realize that you should have gone to bed hours ago. Who needs sleep?Unlawful Contact is the third I-Team series book by Pamela Clare. The book focuses on Sophie Alton, an I-Team investigative journalist and Marc Hunter, a former DEA agent that has been in prison for the last six years. Sophie and Marc share a past but have not been in contact for over 12 years. I really enjoy how Pamela Clare develops her plot and characters. While I liked Sophie’s character, she did make some pretty impulsive decisions that put her in harm’s way. I understand that a journalist would want to do everything possible to get a story, but at times I felt that she was just a tad irresponsible. On the other hand, Sophie’s fight for justice and the rights of women in prisons and halfway houses was admirable.Marc’s character was scary, yet likable. An ex-soldier, ex-DEA, convicted murderer, Marc had nothing to lose when he escaped from prison. As the story unfolds, more of Marc’s character and background is revealed. Marc becomes more of a dangerous hero, a fall guy. I felt so bad for Marc. His situation seemed so hopeless. I loved the chemistry between Marc and Sophie. I found it amusing that Sophie did not recognize Marc at first because she had been expecting him to be married with children somewhere. I loved how he called her sprite, his pet name for her from their past. When Sophie realizes who Marc is, she notices that the sparks are still there. Together, Marc and Sophie were almost combustible. There were some very hot love scenes. Off to read Naked Edge…..