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Undaunted (A Stan Turner Mystery #1)

Undaunted (A Stan Turner Mystery #1) - William Manchee Undaunted is the story of Stan Turner, a law student who enlists in the Marines during the Vietnam War. During basic training, Stan has a confrontation with his drill sergeant. Later on the drill sergeant is murdered. Stan is the prime suspect for the crime. There was an interesting story in this book, but it was bogged down by a lot of details and dialogue. There was a lot of dialogue in this book and at times it was difficult to follow. I did not find Stan very likable and I am not sure if it was because the entire story was told through his eyes. I found that this made the main character a little bit more egotistical than necessary. First person point of view does not usually bother me however, in this book it was a little confusing. For example, chapters 1 and 2 were about Stan Turner and told from Stan Turner’s point of view. Chapter 3 is told from another point of view. The transition was a little rough and left me scratching my head. I could not figure out whose voice it was and I had to read the chapter a few times. Finally, I figured out it was a woman named Virginia, but her character had not yet been introduced. *Book won in a Goodreads First Reads Giveaway.