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Summer Knight (Dresden Files Series #4)

Summer Knight (Dresden Files Series #4) - Poor Harry! When we last left our intrepid wizard in Grave Peril, he was saddened by the departure of someone close to him. Harry is now in despondent mode, barely existing. His apartment is a mess, he hasn’t worked much, and the bills are piling up. To add to his troubles, it’s raining toads. Yes, toads. And someone or a lot of someones – want him dead. Including his own Wizard Council.I can’t believe how much action is crammed into this book. So many things happen, it’s almost hard to keep track. I was on the edge of my seat one moment, reading in disbelief the next, then back to the edge of my seat again. There were a lot of “I didn’t see that coming” moments. Almost every paranormal creature is present in this book as well. Vampires, werewolves, changelings, ghouls, fae, unicorns, chlorofiends and probably some I have missed. And for Toot Toot fans - he is back with his pizza loving gang. Also present is Harry’s sense of humor. A little dark, a little dry, a little self-deprecating, and one hundred percent entertaining. I love Harry’s explanation for global warming – it is caused by an imbalance between the fae summer and winter courts. It is certainly a better explanation than Al Gore’s. The complicated court intrigue of the fae was the central focus of this book. It starts with a rather innocuous death and snowballs into a grab for fae hegemony with repercussions felt all over the world. Harry must stop the power grab before it’s too late. Harry has the help of a few changelings and Billy and the werewolf Alphas. Meanwhile, the vampires are up to no good. Morgan is also back, bent on stopping Harry as well. Nothing is ever easy for Harry. This has got to be the best Harry Dresden book that I have read so far. They keep getting better and better. A thrill a minute! Can’t wait to get my hands on the next book.