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Another One Bites the Dust (Jaz Parks Series #2)

Another One Bites the Dust - Jennifer Rardin Imagine a government team of assassins made up of a vampire, a sensitive, a psychic, a gadget guru and an ex private investigator. Put these characters (and they are characters) together and you have Jaz Park’s team in Another One Bites the Dust. Jaz’s crew must find Chien Lung a vampire that has stolen a prototype Dragon Armor. They also have to dodge a few reavers – paranormal creatures that steal souls, and a few rednecks – humans that hate others.Set in Corpus Christi during the Winter Festival, the team is disguised as performers. Jaz, to her chagrin, must be a belly dancer. They set up a command RV and begin to look for Chien Lung. Dragon Armor – How cool is that? The dragon armor binds with the wearer’s DNA to form an impenetrable armor, complete with claws, and shooting spines – the works. Is that not clever? Combine that with the megalomaniac Chien Lung, and you have a very scary, unstoppable villain.I loved the interaction between the members of Jaz’s team. I loved their banter, their teamwork, and their support for one another. If you are looking for a romance, this is not the book for you. There seems to be a promise of a romance, but I can’t see it happening for at least the next 2 books in the series. I’ll be reading the next book soon.