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Rogue (Werecats, Book 2)

Rogue - Rachel Vincent 3.5 stars, just because of the last part of the bookI wasn’t sure how to rate this book. I took a peek at my status updates and they were about the main character Faythe’s level of too-stupid-to-live moments. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate Faythe – she just drove me a little bonkers. I actually did like this character. She is snarky, she is strong, she is also a little vulnerable. I also enjoyed her thought processes, even though some of her decisions made me want to scream. Faythe’s self-preservation skills, however, need a lot of work. For those who have not read Stray, Faythe Sanders is a were-cat. The were-cats live in Prides and are led by an Alpha. Faythe’s pride lives on a large ranch in Texas. Faythe’s father is the Alpha and he is grooming Faythe to take his place. Faythe is not an ordinary tabby, she has special skills which will not be mentioned to avoid spoilers. These skills get her out of a pickle in the first book. In Rogue, those special skills get her into more trouble than she bargained for. In this book, Faythe and her boyfriend/fiancé/pack enforcer are hunting down rogue cats. A few of them have turned up dead and the Pride is investigating. All clues lead to a mysterious South American cat, a female. I did love the camaraderie between the Pride. I liked how the boys – Faythe’s brothers and other assorted enforcers – all lived together, hung out together, and worked together. One of my favorite characters in the series is Faythe’s father. He really has great instincts and not because he is a were-cat. Faythe’s father is a good judge of character. He is an excellent role model for his family and Pride.The pacing of this book could have been better. It did have a very exciting ending which does make me want to read the next book. There were a lot of slow parts too. There is a cliffhanger ending, so consider yourself warned!I will continue reading this series because I really want to know what happened.