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Into the Dreaming

Into the Dreaming - Karen Marie Moning This is a nice little short story. It may appeal to those Fever fans out there who are anxiously awaiting Shadowfever. There is a glimpse of the Unseelie King and a little background on the Seelie Queen.As a love story, it is a little short. It is rather funny, and Aeden MacKinnon fits that burly, beefy Highlander mold just right. Jane Sillee is transported back to Scotland in the 1400's to Aiden's family castle. She has one month to make him fall in love with her or he will be trapped in the Unseelie King's prison forever. Aeden is like an amnesiac. After 500 years with the Unseelie King, he has lost his humanity, his capacity to love. His perceptions of life, Jane, and Jane's little kitten are often comical. Jane is the perfect woman for Aedan and she introduces him back to his humanity a little at a time. A nice little diversion and easily read in an afternoon. For Fever fans - The Dreaming is a place in between worlds where mortals and fae meet and where true love is preordained.