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Dreamfever - Karen Marie Moning Reread Jan 2011 in anticipation of ShadowfeverI took copious notes this time around. I wanted to see if the author left us any clues to rectify that awful cliffhanger hangover that I had the last time I read this book. Alas, I have even more questions now than I did before. I have more "suspects" (you all know what I'm talking about if you've read the book - and if you haven't I'm not spoiling) than ever for that last page of agony. Mac undergoes every kind of emotion under the sun in this installment of the Fever series. At one point, Mac is not able to speak, so the young Dani takes over the narrative and POV. This actually works. It is refreshing to see the world through another sidhe-seer's eyes, especially one that has been raised in this world. Dani speaks with a maturity, yet that 13 year old slides out at the cutest moments. It amazes me how little time has passed from the moment Mac arrived in Dublin to this point in the story. This book starts in November. Mac has changed from Barbie princess to a black leather clad warrior. Mac has grown, matured, and adapted to the world around her. I love her interactions with Barrons. There is a chemistry between these two characters and it is most enjoyable when they are at odds with each other. In the other corner V'lane, the fairy Prince, the death by sex fae. Mac is fearless when she interacts with V'lane. V'lane's effects on Mac become more and more subdued as time goes on. V'lane seems to be falling for Mac.Mac learns more about her background, and her mother. There still are a lot of questions remaining, and even Barrons wants to know what Mac is. Karen Moning - you are a genius. I had more fun reading this series a second time. I can't wait to read Shadowfever! I hope all of our questions get answered.----------------------------------------------------June 2010Oh, this book took me on an emotional ride. When we last left our heroine, it was Halloween and all sorts of bad things were happening...and then Cliffhanger! So this book starts right where we were dropped off. What I loved about this book is the continued development of the characters. Mac has changed. Gone are the pretty pink fingernails, the matching outfits, and her innocence. Mac is a fighter now, dressed in black leather and fighting for the human race. I especially liked Dani's character. Dani is super-fast, a little snarky, and a perfect partner for Mac. We still don't know who or what Barrons is, but you have got to love him just the same.I had to chuckle at the "Recipes from Dublin" section at the end of the book. All different ways to serve Unseelie. Yum.So, this book made me laugh, sit on the edge of my seat, cry, and want to throw the book across the room. Read it, it's totally awesome!And yes, there is another CLIFFHANGER of all CLIFFHANGERS at the end!