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Faefever (Fever, Book 3)

Faefever - Karen Marie Moning Reread in January --Wow! Ate this book up in a day and again, even better the second time around.----------------------------------------------------------Faefever is an awesome book. It grabbed my attention right from the start. Faefever is the story of Mackayla Lane (Mac), a sidhe-seer. She is also able to sense the fae's Objects of Power (OOP) including the sinister Sinsar Dubh.Mac is allied with Jericho Barrons, a mysterious bookseller and OOP collector. Their relationship is oppositional yet collaborative, with a hint of sexual tension. Mac also works with Vlane, a Seelie prince, who whisks her away to sunny locations. Mac's character continues to develop in this book. She is no longer the fashion conscious, self-absorbed pink and pretty Barbie that she was in the first book. She has learned how to defend herself against the fae.The book ends in a real cliffhanger. I'll be looking for the next book in the series.