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Wild Card (Elite Ops Series)

Wild Card - Lora Leigh Wild Card was an enjoyable diversion over the Christmas holidays.Wild Card is the story of Sabella and Nathan Malone. The book begins with Sabella and Nathan, young and very much in love. Nathan is sent off on a mission and does not return. Sabella is crushed. So strong is her love for her man, that she is convinced he is still alive. After all, she is having vivid dreams of him, suffering, bloody, and tortured.Nathan has been broken and horribly tortured. When he is finally rescued, he undergoes many months of surgeries and therapies and becomes Noah Blake.Flash forward six years. Noah returns to his hometown and is surprised to find Sabella running the garage with help of his brother. She is struggling to keep her home and the garage running. Noah secures employment at the garage. After a while, Sabella begins to suspect that Noah is not who he seems to be.At the same time a supremacist group is targeting illegal aliens and brutally murdering them. Noah’s team is investigating these murders. The investigation is proving difficult because there is a mole reporting every move. When his mission ends, he will have to leave his love, Sabella forever.Let’s just say, this book is very steamy. The love scenes are hot. Noah is very possessive of his woman. His caveman/alpha male instincts exude sexiness, if that’s your type of thing. Sabella is an interesting character. She seemed very “damsel in distress” at first, but she was a lot stronger than she looked. I loved how she stood up to Noah and put him in his place often. Sabella was also a very smart character and I loved how she figured Noah out so quickly, but never let on that she knew. Aside from the steaminess, there is a lot of action in this book, especially at the end.Realistic? No way. Enjoyable distraction? Definitely.I’ll be hunting down the next book in the series.