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Bloodfever (Fever Series, Book 2)

Bloodfever - Karen Marie Moning Reread in January 2011 Reading this book a second time in preparation for Shadowfever. Once again, the reread is so much better than the first reading! It is really a lot of fun to look for all the clues in this series. Who/What is Barrons? Who is the Lord Master? Why does everyone want the Sinsar Dubh?Mac has been in Ireland for a little more than a month now and so much has happened to her. I am really liking how her character has evolved. I am beginning to believe that the pretty in pink Mac was really a facade and beneath that facade is a very intelligent, brave, and lethal young woman.I love how we get to see the many sides of Barrons. Barrons can be aloof, stubborn, and tender. I am still not convinced he is human, though I have an idea what he is. I enjoyed how Mac stands up to him. The side trip to faery was a real trip. V'lane recreating Alina from Mac's memories was touching, but a little invasive. The action in this installment was a mile a minute. Never have I seen a character get so battered. Nothing can stop Mac on her quest for her sister's revenge. -------Previous review-------------I completely lost track of time as I was reading Bloodfever.The second book in the series was better than the first. Mac is still in Dublin, looking for her sister's murderer. She stays with Jericho Barrons and works in his bookstore when she is not sniffing out fae artifacts.Mac has matured since the first book. She is no longer a Barbie doll dressed in pink. Mac now carries weapons and flashlights to protect her from the fae. Barrons' character is still a mystery; yet he always seems to rescue Mac. I enjoyed this book and I can't wait to read the next one.