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Love Me (Take Me, #2)

Love Me (Take Me, #2) - Bella Andre I must admit, I hated the ER surgeon Luke right from the get-go. Talk about a man with issues. A well endowed man with issues. Hmmm….Luke is a workaholic doctor. Very little time is left for personal things, like love. A crisis at work occurs and Luke is ordered to take a 4 week break at the hospital’s private cabin in Big Sur.Janica is fun loving, adventurous, and quirky. She is a successful designer. When it comes to Luke, Janica has the patience of a saint and an overactive sex drive. At one point I became very frustrated with her character and I just wanted her to get some self esteem. But when it came to Luke, Janica would do almost anything. About halfway through the book, I really was frustrated with the book and the story. But something happens to the characters. Janica does get some self esteem and I was so proud of her. From that point on, I enjoyed the story. And the tears were flowing towards the end. Thanks, www.allromance.com for introducing me to this author. I’ll be looking for some more of her books in the new year.