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The Demon's Lexicon (Demon's Lexicon Trilogy)

The Demon's Lexicon - Sarah Rees Brennan 2.5 starsI was a tad disappointed in this book. I looked at my status updates and I had seriously wanted to put the book in the “time out” corner for a while. Luckily for the book (hard cover copy), my ereader decided to malfunction, so I was stuck finishing The Demon’s Lexicon instead.The Demon’s Lexicon is the story of two brothers who are constantly moving to get away from the magicians who seem to want something from the brothers or their mother. Herein lies my problem with this book. I was never quite sure why the brothers were always on the run, and why their mother was in such a catatonic state. Yes, the reasons are revealed later on in the book, but it made for a confusing read at first.The world of The Demon’s Lexicon is interesting. There are magicians who control their magic through the control of demons. Regular people can be marked by demons and once a person has three marks, a demon can enter and possess that person. The only way to remove a demon’s mark is to kill a magician and smear his blood on the mark. Alan the older brother had one demon mark. I did like the younger brother Nick. It was because of Nick that I kept on reading. Nick was a cold, calculating character. He was also a fearless fighter and a loyal brother. His sole goal was to remove Alan’s demon mark. There were times when I was rereading sentences and paragraphs, not understanding who was speaking or to whom the sentence referred to. There were some good and funny lines in the book, but I still felt like I had difficulty staying focused on the story. Around 2/3 of the way through the book, some excitement does happen, but it was too late for me.