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The Kingdom: A Berkeley Blackfriars Novel

The Kingdom: A Berkeley Blackfriars Novel - John R. Mabry It all started with the disappearance of a lowly avocado and I was hooked. The Kingdom is the first book of the Berkeley Blackfriars. The Berkeley Blackfriars are a group of friars who fight and exorcise demons in the San Francisco Bay area. They are very efficient at their jobs, if not a little unconventional.The friars are made up of Richard, Dylan, Terry, and Mikael. They all live together in the friary along with Dylan’s wife Susan, and Terry’s partner, Brian. Each member of the group has a specialty which helps them to fight demons. Susan offers computer support and Brian specializes in cooking and is a scholar in Kabbalah. The book begins as a magician makes a deal with a demon and ends up in a coma. He is discovered by his sister Kat. Kat has heard about the Blackfriars and tries to approach them for help but is unable to enter their building. When they discover that Kat has seen a demon’s sigil, the friars decide that she must stay with them in a warded, safe house. The friars then begin to investigate the magician’s house.At the same time, the friars are summoned by a nurse of a wealthy gentleman. She is convinced that he is being possessed by demons. The friars attempt an exorcism but are interrupted by the man’s son. They are told to leave immediately and do so. I did have several favourite scenes. I loved how the friars managed to kidnap Kat’s brother from the hospital. Dylan was most memorable when he was spirit walking with his spirit Jaguar. I also loved Dylan’s irreverent baptism scene. It was priceless.I enjoyed the camaraderie of the Blackfriars and their extended household. There was a lot of joking, a fun sense of humor, and a great deal of love and respect for each other. I liked how the author set up the book. The beginning of the novel had a cast of characters which made it easier to follow. The end of the book has a glossary of terms which was greatly appreciated. I found this book fascinating, clever, and thrilling. It was scary, exciting, and funny, too. In case you are wondering about the avocados, it was only a dress rehearsal for something bigger and more ominous. But you’ll have to read the book to find out. There are two sequels planned for this novel The Power, and The Glory. I’ll be looking out for those books in the near future. Thank you Goodreads First Reads program for a chance to read this book.