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Secrets of a Summer Night (The Wallflowers, Book 1)

Secrets of a Summer Night - Lisa Kleypas Lisa Kleypas has a way with words. She takes them, and crafts them, and creates an incredible story that transports the reader back in time. And while the reader is swept back to the mid-1800, something else happens: it is almost impossible to put the book down. I started reading Secrets of a Summer Night yesterday afternoon. Yesterday evening as my eyes grew heavy, I had to, just had to, finish the book.Annabelle, Daisy, Lillian, and Evie have been wallflowers for the last few seasons. The girls strike up a friendship and decide to help each other land a husband. This first book of the Wallflowers series focuses on Annabelle and her search.I found that the book started a little slow for my taste, however it was a nice set up to a great story. Annabelle’s character was a little annoying at first. She had the attentions of Simon, yet she persisted in trying to get the rather boring Lord Kendall. Simon Hunt was very interesting. I enjoyed his wit, his patience, and his attentiveness to Annabelle. I loved how their courtship was juxtaposed with a chess match. Each move made by Simon was a deliberate move to gain Annabelle’s trust and finally love. What struck me were the class distinctions during this period. You were born into a class, you married in that class, and you stayed in that class. I found it odd that the aristocracy did not work, that work and investing money was considered vulgar. I also had a difficult time with all the clothing worn by women. I can’t imagine being stuffed into a corset and wearing so many layers of skirts. I had to laugh when the girls decided to play a game of Rounders in their knickers. When they were discovered, it was absolutely shocking, even though most of their bodies were covered.I enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read the next one in the series.