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Misguided Angel (Blue Blood Novels)

Misguided Angel (Blue Bloods, Book 5) - Melissa de la Cruz I feel strangely unsatisfied. I just finished Misguided Angel and my initial thoughts were that it was disappointing filler. The book doesn’t really have an ending. There is no resolution for any of the characters. Very little happens in the book. The only excitement was in the first section and it was short-lived. I couldn’t really remember why the main characters were in Europe or why they needed to run away from their captors. Perhaps too much time had passed since I read the fourth book, or maybe it just wasn’t that memorable. The book is split into parts: One part is Schuyler and Jack’s story in Europe. The second part is about Mimi in New York. A third section introduces a new character Deming Chen. Interspersed in the first section is a flashback to Florence, Italy in 1452. I felt that this division into parts just didn’t work. For example, the whole time I was reading the second section, Schuyler and Jack were missing. The flashbacks did not get tied in until the very end. The ending was extremely rushed.I understand that there are more books coming in this series. I think I am done with it.