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Gregor the Overlander (Underland Chronicles)

Gregor the Overlander - Suzanne  Collins Brought to you by Suzanne Collins – yes – the same Suzanne Collins that wrote The Hunger Games, Gregor the Overlander is a fun and entertaining read. Geared towards younger audiences, the Gregor books are a kind of Alice in Wonderland for boys.Eleven year old Gregor is stuck babysitting his baby sister Boots. They are in the basement of their apartment building where Gregor is doing their laundry when Boots disappears into an air duct. Gregor follows Boots and falls into another world. They end up in an underground world where cockroaches are really huge – 4 feet tall. And they speak! It is also a world where the humans live in fear of really huge rats and super sized spiders. There are also very large bats. These bats are bonded for life with the humans that live in this world. Cockroaches, rats, spiders, and bats. I think boys would enjoy this.Oh – I forgot – there is a prophecy. (Cue ominous music now…) Overall, a fun and exciting read perfect for the young and possibly reluctant reader in your life. My boys can’t wait to get their hands on this book.