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Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Method: The Weight-Loss Kick-Start That Makes Perfection Possible

Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Method: The Weight-Loss Kick-Start that Makes Perfection Possible - Tracy Anderson, Gwyneth Paltrow I was really excited to win this book in a Goodreads Firstreads giveaway. After all, who doesn’t have a few pounds to shed? So I decided that maybe I would give this diet and exercise plan a try. I sat down to read and the exercises looked great. (Gwyneth – you do look wonderful). I continued reading and I was shocked when I got to the diet plan.Kale juice! She wants me to drink kale juice. For those of you who don’t know, kale is a leafy green vegetable, chock full of vitamins and very good for you. I continued to look over the diet plan and I was absolutely shocked. Two whole food groups are missing. There are no grains and no dairy products. I examined a menu plan and noticed that the breakfast was approximately 100 calories. Now, keep in mind that you need to exercise 90 minutes daily with this plan on 100 calories for breakfast. Sure, you’ll lose weight, but you’ll probably faint. I also noticed that the meal plans and recipes did not have a caloric or nutritional breakdown, something that I feel is very important in any diet.Basically, if you can follow her plan, you will most likely lose a lot of weight. But here’s the thing: it takes a commitment of 90 minutes of exercise daily and a very restrictive meal plan and kale juice.An exercise DVD was included. It was fun and had some great music.