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Beautiful Darkness (Beautiful Creatures Series #2)

Beautiful Darkness - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia What a sombre, dreary beginning. That was my first update on this book and unfortunately the first 200 pages are just that: Sombre, dreary, with lots of crying and sadness. I wanted to like this book. I really did. I liked its predecessor Beautiful Creatures. But this book just didn’t do it for me.Why the 3 star rating? There were a lot of things that I did enjoy in the book:I liked the Caster magic and lore. Every reference to Caster magic was interesting and well thought out. I liked that the Caster world existed in plain sight of our world. I liked how each member of Lena’s family had different abilities.The cultural references were fun. There were references to the prime directive from Star Trek, Superman’s kryptonite, even Aquaman. Sadly, there were no references to Scooby Doo, the one cartoon show that seemed to fit in well especially when the gang was in the spooky Caster tunnels. (Thank you, Greta for that image!)The secondary characters were amazing. I enjoyed Link’s happy-go-lucky go with the flow character. Link also had special skills in the lock picking field. While his language was not necessarily representative of an average 17 year old boy, Link provided some much needed comic relief. Liv was an interesting character. Not one to follow the prime directive or Marian’s annoying non-interference policy, Liv was a great resource of information for Ethan. She also provided a sexy, British accented, secondary love interest for Ethan as well. Yes, the love triangle has made an appearance. The best surprise was Ridley. I’ll just leave it as that so as not to spoil the story. Special mention goes to Lucille Ball, the Caster cat. There were a lot more things that I disliked about this book. First of all, it was way too long and could have been edited down. It was a slow read for me. Nothing really happens in the first 200 pages except that the main characters are mopey and sad. How many 17 year old boys cry as much as Ethan does? I hated Lena in this book. I felt absolutely no connection to her. I wanted Ethan to hook up with Liv. She would have made a better match for him. I really did not understand why Ethan’s father was returned to the story. Was it so that he could have the birds and the bees talk with Ethan? Right after that, he seems to disappear into his study yet again. While I enjoyed the exciting conclusion to the book, I was disappointed with the last page. I kept turning the page and when it kept coming up blank, I was mad. When I saw a reference to 18 moons, all I could think about was another book was coming.