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Ripping the Bodice

Ripping the Bodice - Inara Lavey The title of this book makes me giggle and it was with that frame of mind that I started reading this book. To my surprise, I really did enjoy this story. The main character Cassandra lives her life fantasizing about romance novels, you know those romance novels with really fun names, swashbuckling heroes, and damsels in distress. In fact, about half the book takes place in Cassandra's fantasy world frequently interrupted by real life.After Cassandra's dull boyfriend cancels their weekend away to get together with the boys, Cassandra dumps him and joins her friend Val at a resort in San Diego. Val's cousin Raphael is there with his friend Connor. Raphael is everything Cassandra has dreamed about in her romance novels. Also at the resort is Roz, Cassandra's favorite romance writer. The vacation is full of hilarious situations brought on by Cassandra's fantasy world.I enjoyed this book. It was a light, fun, hilarious read. I look forward to finding more books by Inara Lavey.