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Kitty Goes to Washington (Kitty Norville Series #2)

Kitty Goes to Washington (Kitty Norville Series #2) - Kitty Goes to Washington is an entertaining read. Carrie Vaughn tells a great story full of politics and adds a twist of paranormal lore. Kitty Norville is subpoenaed to testify at a Senate Subcommittee about paranatural biology. Sounds boring, right? While the politicking goes on in the human world, we are treated to all sorts of politics and posturing in the paranormal world. The latter is much more interesting.Upon her arrival in Washington, D.C., Kitty is taken under the protection of Washington’s vampire mistress, Alette. Alette is a powerful vampire; her power seems to lie in her connections. Most of Alette’s family – her human descendants – work either in her employ or in the police force. Alette is good for Kitty. She recognizes Kitty’s potential and influence.The Washington weres are not organized in a pack per se, but they gather at the Crescent Bar. The Crescent Bar’s owner Ahmed acts as an Alpha without officially fighting for the role. There are so many great characters to rave about in this book. Kitty has a Latin love interest. Luis from the Brazilian consulate (and a hot, sexy, purring werejaguar) provided Kitty with some much needed distraction from the boring hearings. Kitty’s lawyer Ben was a loyal friend. He also had some surprisingly mad skills as a vampire hunter. Cormac makes a too brief appearance as a hired security team member. The book did drag a little during the Senate hearings. There was plenty of action, excitement, deception, and treachery to make up for them. This Kitty was definitely kick-ass. This book was about Kitty accepting herself as a werewolf and gaining confidence. For me the highlight was when Kitty realized that even though she did not belong to a pack, she surrounded herself with friends and family and they were her own pack.I can’t wait to read the next book.