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Death's Excellent Vacation

One for the Money - Jeaniene Frost Here are a few things that I did like about this anthology:1) Each author had a short introductory paragraph outlining their biography and their work. What a great idea. I now have a few authors to look into.2) The vacation theme was kind of fun. I liked all the different takes on vacation stories.3) There was a nice mix of authors. I recognized Jeaniene Frost, Charlaine Harris, and Katie MacAlister. The rest were new to me authors and some I will definitely look up.My favorite stories in this anthology were:1) One for the Money - Jeaniene Frost. I've missed Cat and Bones, the sexy, loving, happily married, Cat and Bones. Loved them in this story and I now have high hopes for the next book. 2) Safe and Sound - by Jeff Abbott. This is a "new to me" author and I really enjoyed his story about a boy who goes missing on an island vacation. Very well done.Honorable mention goes to Charlaine Harris' story Two Blondes. I didn't really like it for a Sookie story, but I enjoyed it for Pam's character. Katie MacAlister's story The Perils of Effrijim was also entertaining and makes me want to start reading the Aisling Grey series.