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Ricochet - Sandra Brown 3.5 starsThis signed book was won in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway. Ricochet takes place in Savannah, Georgia. Detective Duncan Hatcher is investigating a murder at a prominent judge’s home. The judge’s wife Elise admits to killing an intruder but Duncan wants to investigate further. To make matters worse, Duncan is attracted to Elise. I must admit that I really enjoyed reading Ricochet. Ricochet was a very readable book, full of mystery and suspense, sexual tension, and many plot twists. I loved the characters, especially Elise. Elise married Judge Cato Laird after a short, whirlwind romance. She has never been accepted by his social circle and was seen as a gold digger by most of them. Her marriage appears to be a fairy tale romance and she lives like a queen in a large home and has beautiful clothing, jewellery, a doting husband.With all of that, Elise is an enigma, a mystery. The reader is never really sure of her motivations, of her fears, nor is the reader exactly sure where her loyalties lie. Duncan is an interesting character. He is not afraid to say what he thinks, even when it is detrimental to his career. Duncan has had a run in with Judge Cato previously, and the two men do not get along very well. I like Duncan’s investigative style – he is more instinctual than procedural. Duncan’s attraction to Elise was so wrong, yet the sexual tension was absolutely delicious. I like a mystery that keeps me guessing and this one did not disappoint. The plot twists were unexpected and kept me reading right until the last page. I did find the format of this book a little different. The book is the same width of a mass market paperback, but about an inch taller. This allowed for double spaced print which was easy on the eyes; however it was a little more difficult to hold.